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The Philippines - Following a series of 3 deadly quakes which struck in late October, Rotary International and ShelterBox  partnerned together to distribute emergency shelters and aid packages to 1,600 families in 6 different communities in Mindanao, Philippines.

As our teams were on the ground following up with these families in Mindanao, Typhoon Kammuri (locally known as Tisoy) made landfall - over December 2nd & 3rd. A new team deployed to assess the needs and distributions were taking place on Decemeber 25th. Over 2,600 families were provided aid.

Syria - Since 2012, we've been able to provide shelter to over 250,000.  In 2019, there has been renewed airstrikes and artillery incursions focused on the last rebel stronghold, Idlib. This has resulted in additional mass displacement of civilians fleeing from the violence in Idlib.  Currently, we are working on our winterized distributions to help these families prepare for the bitter cold.

Ethiopa - Millions of people have been forced to flee their homes because of violent conflicts and climate change in Ethiopia. Inter-community violence in West Guji and Gedeo uprooted many families, while flash flooding and drought in other areas have caused even more people to leave their homes.  We have helped shelter over 3,000 families with shelter aid, including tarpaulins, ropes, blankets, water carriers, sleeping mats, and kitchen sets.  Alongside our physical aid items, we have distributed Information, Education and Communication materials.  We are currently working on another phase of distribution in which we hope to support another 3,500 families.

Nigeria - Since 2009, the extremist militant group, Boko Haram, has been committing deadly attacks across Nigeria. Known for targeting isolated and vulnerable villages, the violence has caused millions of people to flee to neighboring regions of Cameroon, Niger and Chad. The conflict in Nigeria continues to impact structures and 7.7 million people are reported as being in need of assistance. We have supported families in Nigeria who have been most affected by the crisis. With thanks to our wonderful supporters, we have helped over 11,000 families in the Lake Chad Basin area. We continue to plan for additional distributions, aiming to support another 1,000 households across 5 different camps. We are currently working on another phase of distribution in which we hope to support over 900 families.

Cameroon - Just 40 miles east of the Nigerian border lies Minawao cam, a refugee camp in the extreme north of Cameroon. It is home to around 51,000 refugees. Families have come here from Nigeria after escaping Boko Haram. ShelterBox has been working in Minawao camp since 2015. Tents and other items like solar lights, ground sheets, mosquito nets and hygiene kits, can allow families to start paving the road to recovery. To date, we've provided shelter and essential aid to over 7,000 families in Cameroon, and a new project is currently underway. Families will receive tents, ShelterKits and other vital aid items. We are developing another phase of this project, hoping to start in January.

Somaliland - Severe drought is devastating thousands of families in Somaliland, a self-declared republic in the Horn of Africa. Over the last three years the drought has killed up to 80% of the region’s livestock. This has had a severe effect on families who rely on farming, forcing them to leave their homes in search of basic services and alternative livelihoods. We’ve been working in Somaliland since 2017. With the support of our partner ActionAid, we've supported over 4,000 families with essential items like tarpaulins, rope and other essential household items. We are currently working on another phase of distribution in which we hope to support another 1,800 families.

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