Breckenridge Mountai
Main St. Station
Breckenridge, CO  80424
United States of America


Stay tuned for more information.  We will need help before and during this event.  There are opportunities to volunteer by helping us:

  • contact organizations in our community who provide donations
  • picking up these donations from businesses around the county
  • asking your own contacts for donations
  • preparing for the silent auction - various setup tasks before the event and day-of (e.g. print bid sheets, categorize & label items, etc.)
  • 3 shifts during the event - auction setup & first shift, midday shift, auction close & teardown
  • pre-sales for Raffle Tickets - last year, we had a booth at an event prior to the Wine Fest...
  • day-of sales for Raffle Tickets - we'll need multiple people available for this at various areas throughout the festival, and we will need to have multiple "Square" devices and apps loaded to collect money via credit card again

We have traditionally helped out in other areas of the event as well, so we will have more details and update this event as we approach this date.