September 2018 Speakers:
  • 9/04: Club Business
  • 9/11: Pre-Collegiate Mentor Program
  • 9/18: 1A is Summit’s Future - Ballot Topic!!
  • 9/25: Summit County Safe Passages
  • 9/04: Club Business
    • Thanks Curtis for stepping in as our President-Elect!
    • Covered the budget for 2018-2019, causes that are important for us to maintain, and service projects.
    • We switched around our meeting agendas to accommodate a last-minute change.  Our speaker from 9/4 will re-schedule at a later date!
  • 9/11: Pre-Collegiate Mentor Program
    • Thanks so much to Molly Griffith & Bonnie Ward from Summit Pre-Collegiate and our two lovely student visitors for sharing with us about this awesome local program.
    • This very structured mentoring program involves a small commitment from the mentors with huge rewards.  We were all really impressed & moved by the two students who shared their growth through this program with us today as they prepare to attend colleges next year.
    • The program helps students prepare college applications, find & physically explore campuses, help with classes & homework through after-school tutoring, and provides a structured program to help first generation college students get ready for college and future careers.
    • Looking for a few more mentors for this year - Check out their Facebook page for more info: Summit/Roaring Fork Pre-Collegiate
  • 9/18: 1A is Summit’s Future
    • Thanks to Jaime and all the Jen's for sharing so much valuable information about this topic with our members.
    • We received a very thorough hand-out in addition to the PowerPoint presentation.  Please reach out to Jennifer Cassell for a copy or for any further information on 1A.  The handout includes talking points on each of the programs as well as specific information about the details for each program.
    • You should start receiving the mail-in ballots for this upcoming election.  This is among other initiatives on this ballot.
    • 1A includes support for programs in these key areas:  Mental Health, Early Childhood, Wildfire Preparedness/Prevention, Recycling, and Building Improvements (e.g. Senior Center/Library).
    • The property tax levy will amount to $2.83 per month in property taxes per $100k of residential property value.  A property owner will pay $169.80 per year for a $500,000 home.  The funds generated from 1A will be subject to an annual financial audit.  This will generate up to $8.8 million annually for these areas of focus.
  • 9/25: Summit County Safe Passages
    • Thanks for wrapping up September's amazing speakers!  Ashley and Elissa provided a walkthrough of this program that has proven to be a success for both animal and human lives!
    • Did you know that 70% of Summit County is made up of the White River National Forest?  Now we all do!  This presentation focused on the safe passage of animals and people while also protecting and restoring the connectivity of the animals in their habitat...  Basically, as we grow, how can we ensure that we do not have a negative impact on their migration patterns and natural movement through this great place that we call home?!
    • We reviewed the history of the program, photos of some of the proposed areas and existing structures, and discussed upcoming needs.
    • One thing that I found especially interesting was that it takes about 100 years for animals to learn new migration patterns...  Over the course of the 2 years that this program has been working on safe passage, there have been thousands and thousands of crossings by wildlife - imagine over 20,000 crossings that did not happen on our roadways in this short time.
    • We will continue to be in contact for updates on the program and how we may be able to help with their fundraising needs.  Jenni has offered to help arrange for a Charity Wednesday fundraising event at Kenosha in partnership with our club as one idea.  Stay tuned, and let Jenni know if you have an interest in this area, too.
    • Want to get involved?!  Go to the Facebook page:
In October, we'll be hearing from the Summit Daily, The Leadership and Community Education Academy, Arc Thrift Stores / Down’s book, our lovely Exchange Students, and one spot yet to be filled.