We will use this section to provide regular updates on Member-only topics, including club business updates.
Membership & Marketing Committee Updates
  • Bulletin setup, available to begin using (monthly) - feedback appreciated
  • New membership packet created, available for download on homepage
  • Mailing campaign started this month!  Thanks to Lou Wagner for his support!
  • Membership & Marketing plan underway...  We have purchased new vests and a table runner for events.  We are finalizing updates to our tri-fold, are beginning to plan monthly social events for young professionals (starting in September), and much more.
  • Want to join us?  We meet periodically, typically at happy hour.  Let Tom, Taylor, or Jenni know.  Next meeting is Aug. 2 at 5:00pm MT at High Side Brewery in Frisco.  You don't even have to join the committee to come share your thoughts, or just enjoy a beer with us!!
  • Please continue to share any ideas that you have about speakers that you'd like to hear from.
  • Contact Jenni at jstephens@seismic.com or 312.545.6193 with their contact information, topic, etc.
  • We can work together, or Jenni can contact the speaker directly to coordinate.
Breck Food & Wine Festival
  • Thanks again to all our volunteers!!  You helped in so many ways - from gathering donations to pouring wine to making the silent auction a big success!
  • Overall, we raised about $10,000 for our club's great causes!!  (Pretty darn good for a club our size!)
Trail Clean-Up
  • Per Robin's email, we have agreed to forego the trail clean-up this year.
  • If you would like to attend the Aug. 4th cleanup at Rotary Peak, they may have enough volunteers, but you can perhaps act as a "steward".  Contact FDRD for more information.
  • There is a "Welcome Hike" at Rotary Peak on Sept. 9th to welcome all the Exchange Students and their families.  Feel free to join in that really fun occasion!!  (Note: We may also be involved with Oktoberfest that weekend, but the hike is on Sunday, and we typically volunteer on Saturday)
  • Feel free to go online to the FDRD site and check out some individual volunteer opportunities.
Club Roles
  • Still in search of....  President-Elect
    • Great leadership training opportunity!  Our district provides training (e.g. PETS, manuals)
    • We can discuss time commitments - if you're interested in learning more, contact Robin.
  • Interested in helping us with Grant-writing?
    • Tom Myers has been doing this for years and is looking for someone to help take over this important role.
    • It is not very time-consuming and can bring great value $$ to our club and to our community!!
    • Upcoming District training available Aug. 13th (free online webinar 5-7pm) or Jan. 26th in Lakewood.
    • This is a requirement for our club, super easy to attend the webinar online.  Looking for ONE volunteer!!
    • Contact Jenni or Tom if interested.