We received a wonderful update from Isaac Arulappan about how our annual contribution has helped rebuild the DKSHA Cornerstone Orphanage that we support.  Breckenridge Mountain Rotary contributes financially to this orphanage as our primary International Project.  Isaac also came to speak to our club this year, and he has worked with many other Rotary clubs across the US, Canada, and worldwide.  Read below for more details and photos!
Update - Aug. 17, 2018
"Using the financial grant approved by your Club we have just started building the basement for our proposed Dining Hall, Kitchen and Store Room for the safe use and happy life of the orphan children living in DKSHA Cornerstone Home in Village Mullippadi in Tamil Nadu -South India.

The [pictures below] will give a detailed explanation to you all and help you understand the stage by stage work went on to reach this level. We still go a long way to complete this worthy project to provide a safe, secured and just facilities for the orphan children, staff and volunteers living in our Orphanage here in India."

Isaac further welcomes any donations, private or through a Rotary Club. Any donations $1,500+ will be recognized with your name on a Stone Plaque affixed to the wall of this building of the orphanage. Contact Isaac directly if interested.
Photographs courtesy of Isaac - Building the new Dining Hall, Kitchen and Store Room at the DKSHA Cornerstone Orphanage
Iron poles to build columns are set  Priest blessing the building site
Workers  Water kept ready for work - with Cornerstone logo