Breckenridge Mountai
Breckenridge, CO
United States of America

Save the Date!!

We have partnered with FDRD (Friends of the Dillon Ranger District) for several years to help give back in our Community.  On this service activity, we can expect to help maintain, spruce up, or even build new helpful features on trails in our area that we all enjoy.

Past projects include creating stairs, rerouting drainage, changing the angle of a trail, updating turnpikes and rock features to help with drainage, and other improvements.

It's a very fun and challenging day that everyone finds rewarding!  

We have (knock on wood) been very lucky the past couple of years with the weather & conditions for this end of June date.  In past projects during the pandemic, there has been a limit of 10 participants.  We hope to have another service project that is all our own, so Save the Date, and we'll fill up all the available spots with Breck Rotary & Friends!