Smart Bellies - Feeding Students in Summit & Lake Counties
Aug 02, 2022 12:00 PM
Margaret Sheehe - Smart Bellies
Smart Bellies - Feeding Students in Summit & Lake Counties

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Smart Bellies is working to reduce childhood hunger and increase access to healthy food options on the weekends. We deliver weekly bags with breakfast, lunches and snacks for the kids, produce for the whole family, and monthly snacks to our local schools. And we have a ton of fun doing it!

About Our Speaker: Margaret Sheehe, Co-Founder:

Margaret has also been here from the beginning as one of our Co-Founders. Her mom runs the local food cupboard where she is from and she was raised to believe that everyone should have access to consistent food that makes them feel good. Kids especially. Outside of Smart Bellies, she works for OP3, Inc planning walks, runs and bike rides for an assortment of foundations and causes. She has a big family back home in Pennsylvania and currently lives in Colorado with her dog, Harriet. She loves snuggling Sarah’s baby, fly fishing and attempting to garden at high altitude.