Peak Health Alliance
Oct 08, 2019 12:00 PM
Peak Health Alliance
Peak Health Alliance

Join us for our weekly lunch meeting Tuesdays in Breckenridge at Fatty's Pizzeria (106 South Ridge Street) 12pm MT.

Speaker: Tamara Drangstveit


"A team of Summit County leaders, with support from the Colorado Division of Insurance, The Summit Foundation, FIRC, Summit County Government and others, is launching a local non-profit, Peak Health Alliance (Peak) to finally tackle this issue [healthcare/insurance costs] and rein in costs."

"Peak’s sole mission is to find ways to provide more affordable, high quality health insurance. Peak will be structured as a cooperative, which means that the businesses and individuals who buy their coverage through Peak will have a say in how Peak is managed.
Peak wants to turn the way we purchase and manage health insurance on its head."

Note: Meeting guests who are not interested in BMR membership and returning guests will be asked to cover our costs for lunch ($15).