Colorado National Popular Vote Interstate Compact
Jun 18, 2019 12:00 PM
Colorado NPV - Linda & Holly
Colorado National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

Join us for our weekly lunch meeting Tuesdays in Breckenridge, upstairs at Fatty's Pizzeria (106 South Ridge Street) 12pm MT.

Speakers: Linda Sorauf (co-chair) and Holly Monkman


Last month, when Governor Polis signed SB42, Colorado joined the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. This moves us closer to a direct election of the U.S. President without eliminating the Electoral College or altering the Constitution. Colorado joins 13 other states and the District of Columbia in this Compact, which won’t go into effect until enough states to represent a majority of the Electoral College votes (270) have joined. Currently 189 Electoral College votes are committed.

They will discuss how the Compact works, what problems it solves, and how it benefits all of us. This is a non-partisan program about the National Popular Vote. One of the group's key members, former Colorado Rep. Joe Miklosi, was also a Rotarian for eight years in Highlands Ranch.

Holly Monkman and Linda Sorauf are members of the League of Women Voters (LWV) of Colorado. They are also members of the LWV Legislative Action Committee which studies and advocates for or against specific policy for which the LWV had decided to take a stand. Both Holly and Linda have followed the National Popular Vote legislation for several years. The LWV has supported popular vote for president since 1970 and in 2010 updated their position to support the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact plan.